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Services: Bed Bugs - CatsUSA PestControl California
Bed cushion

Services: Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs (Cimicidae)

Bed bugs have become a real problem within homes and business throughout the United States. They are blood sucking insects and humans are their preferred host. Female bed bugs will deposit anywhere from one to five eggs each day and could potentially deposit up to 500 eggs within their lifetime. These eggs are very small and are not easily detected. Once the instar emerges, however, the first thing they are looking for is a blood meal.

Cats Solution

Good news! Our experienced professional technicians are very familiar with this insect and its customs, and we are equipped with the means to eradicate them altogether. Cats uses the most advanced technology and methods available today to provide a thorough detailed integrated pest management approach. In other words, we’re not limited to just one or two tools in a box. A thorough inspection is just the beginning. From there we will discuss and recommend the best solution with regards to your home or place of business.


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