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Services: Fly Control & Drain/Grease Cleaning - CatsUSA PestControl California

Services: Fly Control & Drain/Grease Cleaning


Small Flies / Drain Flies /Fungus Gnats

A variety of fly species may be found within our California homes and office environments. Some of these are mere transients which are not conducive to our indoor living space but many others can and will reproduce and infest our space under certain conditions. Such conditions include overripe fruit (e.g., vinegar/ small fruit flies), houseplant soil / mulch (e.g., fungus gnats), Plumbing drains, (e.g. Moth flies, humpbacked flies), or in organic waste such as in a trash receptacle.

Fly’s that develop and reproduce in manure, carrion, and garbage may also be contaminated with disease-causing bacteria, including those associated with food poisoning.

Proper identification is key when it comes to fly control. Our team of service personnel are experts when it comes proper identification. Equipped with experience and state of the art technology our staff is ready with the resolve of immediate remediation.


Poor sanitation conditions not only provide a food source for many insects but other conditions within an environment such as exterior trash / waste receptacles, standing water, and even clogged floor drains can also be a major breeding source for structural invading insects which seek to infest our homes and places of business.

Cats is equipped with a full line of environmentally friendly bioremediation products which enable us to cut through these conditions thus deactivating the breeding source of insects such as cockroaches, filth flies, maggots as well as eliminating many disease-causing bacteria.


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