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Services: Bird Control



The issue is not so much with the pigeons as it is with what they leave behind – bird mites, debris, nesting material and worst of all, a toxic mixture of urine and feces. When all is said and done a flock of just 100 pigeons can deposit up to 4,800 pounds of waste, annually.

Pigeon droppings also contain a high concentration of uric acid which is highly corrosive and will melt through just about anything. Under the right set of conditions it will even corrode steel and concrete.

WHO recently published the guide which explains 60+ different diseases associated with pest birds, most prominently pigeons. The health risks should not be underestimated.

Cats Solution Our Green Approach!

Approach #1

Where heavy populations (bird pressure) of pigeons or other birds have congregated on rooftops, attics, garages, ledges and other building structures, humane trapping and removal is recommended. Our service professionals are experts at bird removal. Only humane methods are used and our work is highly effective.

Approach #2

Once the bird pressure has been removed by the most innovative and up-to-date methods, our bird specialists will then remove all droppings and clean the area of all bacteria, using a specialized disinfectant for the purpose of restoring a disease-free and healthy environment.

Approach #3

Once removed, cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected, our bird specialists will then formulate and recommend humane exclusion measures for the purpose of long term control. Such measures may include nesting loafing deterrents, stealth netting permanent exclusion fixtures, mechanical repellant devices, and many other alternatives specifically fashioned according to the aesthetics of the structure.

OvoControl Method

This is a ready-to-use non-lethal bait dispensed on flat rooftops with an automatic wildlife feeder. This effective and humane technology is especially useful for managing birds in larger areas without having to resort to poisons or labor-intensive trapping programs.


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